Transform the way you build strong sales teams.

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The Why

The job of a sales leader is tough! Do you find that what works in one sales organization does not transfer to the next? Are you fed-up of just making the number, or not making it at all?

Best Sale Ever Made
Were You The Best Sale Your Salesperson Ever Made?

Fed up of employing salespeople whose greatest sale was their interview?

Hiring Experience
Are You Confident Your Next Hire Will be a Top Performer?

Do you hire based on common intuition and subjectivity, yet the outcome is different names, the same poor results?

Measures of Success
Struggling to Increase Your Sales Productivity?

Not all salespeople perform the same way. Don’t spend all of your time on standard metrics. Identify and focus on the measures that drive each member of your sales team to success.

The How

We identify what drives your sales team’s top performers. Using AI and Machine Learning, we compare your sales KPIs with your salespeople’s personal attributes. The combined analysis is your unique fingerprint for success.

You no longer have to rely on gut feel or preconceived ideas of what a successful salesperson looks like. Our unique technology identifies the talent that will succeed and thrive in your unique sales environment. Reduce the stress, and focus on what helps you grow, sell, and achieve your goals.

Identify Success

Combine talent and data science to correlate your salespeople's psychographic attributes with key performance metrics like quota attainment. This unique performance fingerprint allows you to predict an individual's sales performance - pre-hire.

Optimize Hiring

Once you've understood the traits and attributes that drive your organization's success, you can apply them to the hiring process. Reduce the risk of a bad hire by only interviewing prospects that meet the success criteria defined by your unique performance fingerprint.

Close the Gap

Performance fingerprints not only tell you who to hire, they also identify the key attributes and skills that drive success in your organization. Use this information to close the gap between your successful salespeople and the whole sales team. This process is know as Sales Arbitrage.

Eliminate Bias

Using a performance fingerprint that informs you about the probability of an individual's ability to make the number in your sales organization, you no longer have to rely on your intuition or subjectivity in making critical hiring decisions.

The What

Partner with Sellisity to efficiently & effectively field a diverse team of high-performing individual salespeople. Leveraging Perception Predict© analytics to grow revenue while influencing client loyalty.

Use Perception Predict to analyze your salespeople’s unique attributes and discover the characteristics that positively and negatively impact your company’s sales success.

Performance Fingerprint

Create a Performance Fingerprint that quantifies actual sales KPI performance before hiring.

Deploy Analytics

Use the Performance Fingerprint to repeatably identify and hire your ideal salespeople. Optimize your sales potential with Sales Arbitrage.


Continuously improve on your Performance Fingerprint through continuous learning and testing. Optimize your sales team performance. 

The Video

The About

Sellisity was founded in 2016 to help organizations improve their sales talent. Every time you hire a salesperson, there is a significant risk. Not just in terms of salary, but in the potential for deals and customers to be lost. As sales talent consultants, we identify how you can employ higher-performing sales reps that will succeed in your unique sales organization.

Sellisity is an Authorized Partner of Perception Predict©. This is what people are saying...

I love the system! "Perception accurately predicts sales performance before we hire ....... pure gold!"

Dominic Ford
General Manager Mercedes Benz - South Orlando

"One of the payoffs of predicting sales performance has been to identify liabilities that distract the energy and attention of our sales leaders."

Joe Mattioli
Vice President Global Corporate Sales - CrowdStrike

"This system is spot on, I had my sales team complete the questionnaire and the predictor was extremely accurate with real numbers... Impressive and enjoyable process."

Anthony (Marty) Martin
General Manager, Rolfe Classic BMW

Our Partners

Perception Predict Partner


PerceptionPredict is the modern way to hire great salespeople. Using human-centred data-driven AI models built on insights from your company’s human attributes and performance data, we accurately predict a team member's expected future performance in whatever KPI that matters to you.



Get an unfair advantage in your tech sales career. During the course, our network of employment partners, sales professionals, and career coaches help us offer work-integrated learning with practice selling actual B2B services.

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Innovation Guelph is building prosperity for community wellbeing by providing mentorship and business support services that help innovative enterprises start, grow & thrive.

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