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Sales Arbitrage

Sales Arbitrage is the process of maximizing the revenue returned on your investment in your sales team. If your sales organization is like many others, then 70% of your revenue is being closed by 30% of your salespeople. Not a very good return on your overall investment! So wouldn’t it be great if you could get the rest of your sales team to perform equally as well?

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  • Accurately predict the revenue attainment for each member of your sales team
  • Identify the skills and attributes that define a successful salesperson in your company
  • Identify and hire salespeople with those skills
  • Manage out the salespeople who do not possess the skills and attributes to succeed
  • Identify, enable, and train those salespeople who have not yet reached their potential but who share the same attributes as your top performers

How Sales Arbitrage Works

We use the worlds only performance prediction engine to:



Determine what attributes identify a successful salesperson within your sales organization



Identify who in your sales team you should invest in, who to cut, and who you should hire



Deploy training and technologies that will help your salespeople move the needle



Continuosly improve and learn from your analysis to optimize your sales team's performance

Sales Arbitrage

Return On Investment

Our customers have seen some amazing results after investing in Sales Arbitrage.

Increase in Annual Recurring Revenue 600%
Increase in Opportunity Close Rate 90%
Increase in Lead to Conversion Rate 150%
Quota Attainment Prediction Accuracy 85%

Discover How Sales Arbitrage Can Help You

If 30% of your sales organization is closing 70% of your deals, why not schedule a 30 minute chat to discover how Sales Arbitrage can help you?


Introducing the Culture Fingerprint

What’s the performance DNA enabling the right people to thrive in your culture, and how do you identify it in people you want to hire?

As Deal & Kent said, “Culture is the way we get things done around here.” Whether corporate-wide or departmental, there is a personality that describes how a group effectively and efficiently works. Culture is an idea that until now could not be easily quantified. How do you measure values, beliefs, and assumptions?

The breakthrough has come in the form of a culture fingerprint. By measuring over 400 personal attributes against a company’s actual success criteria, we can define the drivers that forensically identify your culture.

Performance Culture Fingerprints capture unseen value to dramatically improve the economics of your business.
Culture Fingerprint

How Culture Fingerprints Works

Frame Culture + Evaluate Team

Culture Fingerprint
  • Frame Culture Attributes. Interview managers.
  • Capture Team Data. Team completes questionnaire.
  • Capture Team Ratings. Managers evaluate teams performance.

Convert Data into Predictive Intelligence

Culture Fingerprint

Analytics engine ingests team data to produce proprietary Performance Culture Fingerprint

Apply Intelligence to Team and Candidates

Culture Fingerprint
  • Optimize Existing Team. Performance arbitrage current team, address underperformance.
  • Candidate Fit. Make new hires with best fit and high-performance potential.

Perpetual Learning Prediction Algorithm

Culture Fingerprint

Continuously recalibrate fingerprint; keep ahead of market changes; improve predictive accuracy.

Find out how you can use Culture Fingerprints to improve the economics of your business


Helping you build and manage great sales teams.

Sales Arbitrage

The only data driven approach that optimizes your sales team for maximum revenue generation

Sales Training

Targeted and customized training programs for all levels of your sales organization

Sales Enablement

Building the mindset and deploying the tools to make your sales team a success


Sellisity was founded by Mat and Chris in 2016.

Mat Tarbuck

Mat Tarbuck


Mat has successfully developed and sold software products in North America, Europe and Asia.

Chris Fletcher

Chris Fletcher

Senior Partner

Chris has managed global sales at some of the worlds largest software companies including SAS, and SAP.

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